Planning a wedding is a time-taking and stressful affair. From the venue to attire to food to décor, there are so many things you must arrange. While you can manage without certain elements, there are things that are crucial. For example, the wedding cannot take place without a wedding officiant. And since the officiant is such an important person, you shouldn’t leave this for the last moment. Here’s your detailed guide on finding a wedding officiant and a wedding officiant price.

Who is a wedding officiant?

A wedding officiant is the person who stands in front of the bride and the groom while they exchange their vows. He is in charge of performing the entire ceremony on the special day. His job isn’t just to read a script but to include personalized information in his speech. For this, he meets the couple before their big day to know them better. After that, he customizes the ceremony as per the wishes of the couple.

Officiants also make sure that the couple doesn’t face any issues in getting the marriage license. He gets the license signed and legalizes the nuptial. This step is important so that you don’t have to take any stress after the wedding.

How much does it cost to hire a wedding officiant?

The cost of appointing a wedding officiant depends on the following factors:

  • The duration of the ceremony- When you approach a wedding officiant, he will quote a price based on the services you request. The duration of the ceremony is a crucial factor that determines the final cost. Keep in mind that most officiants charge a certain amount as an additional fee for attending the ceremony rehearsal. You should still make time for at least one rehearsal to make sure everything happens smoothly.
  • The geographical location- If you are planning on a destination wedding, your guests and the wedding officiant will have to travel to the venue. So, in such cases, the costs might add up as he will charge separately for the long journey. Hiring an officiant is also more expensive in big cities than in small towns. 
  • The experience of the officiant- The number of years a person has served as a wedding officiant also plays a key role in fixing their price.

Search early to get an officiant in your budget

Finding an officiant who will understand your family’s religious customs and help you write down your wedding vows isn’t that easy. While there are many wedding officiants, not all are experts in their field. So, you cannot afford to start looking for someone in the eleventh hour.  

Another reason why you should finalize the wedding officiant in advance is because it will buy you enough time to weigh your options. On the contrary, if you choose someone in hurry, just one day before the wedding, you might end up paying a lot more. 


So, reach out to a well-known wedding officiant in your locality to know the exact price. You should also ask the person if he will take care of the license before finalizing him.